17 June 2014

Can I Get a Free Abortion in Toledo?

17 June 2014,

The short answer is “no,” free abortions are not available in Ohio. Medicaid does not provide free abortions in Ohio or Michigan. However, there […]

11 June 2014

A Young Mom’s Perspective

11 June 2014,

If you are considering parenting as an option, you may be wondering what it would be like to be a young mother. We have […]

2 June 2014

Experiencing Post-Abortion Syndrome

2 June 2014,

Recently a young woman came to see us who was pregnant and very conflicted about what to do. As she talked it became apparent […]

1 May 2014

The Cost of Abortion

1 May 2014,

One of the first questions we often get at Your First Look is how much does an abortion cost. In Toledo the cost varies […]

28 April 2014

Does Abortion Cause Breast Cancer?

28 April 2014,

This is one of the most controversial questions out there. The local abortion provider website states there is no risk, based on a 1997 […]

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