21 July 2015

Making a Decision About Your Pregnancy

21 July 2015,

You just found out your pregnant and you’re scared. No one knows but you and the tiny stick in your hand. Your first impulse […]

1 July 2015

Second Trimester Abortions

1 July 2015,

About 95% of second trimester abortions use the Dilation & Evacuation method. In this method, the cervix must be opened wider because the fetus […]

26 May 2015

Dealing with Morning Sickness

26 May 2015,

It’s estimated that about half of pregnant women will experience morning sickness. For most, the morning sickness will go away by the end of […]

14 May 2015

Is Parenting the Best Option for Me?

14 May 2015,

Women who come to Your First Look are frequently trying to decide between continuing or ending a pregnancy. If a decision is made to […]

2 May 2015

How Much is the Abortion Pill?

2 May 2015,

Mifepristone, also known as RU-486, is the medicine used to cause an abortion in an early pregnancy. The Food and Drug Administration has approved […]

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