10 September 2014

Confirm Viability Before an Abortion

10 September 2014,

  About one in three abortions occur in the first six weeks of pregnancy. The problem with this statistic is that you can’t confirm […]

20 August 2014

Before Your Abortion

20 August 2014,

Before any type of medical procedure, a good doctor will use the following steps: Assessment Diagnosis Discuss Treatment Options Treatment Follow-up The best decision […]

5 August 2014

Abortion Help in Toledo–Free Pre-Termination Evaluation

5 August 2014,

If you are considering abortion, you’ll want to have a pre-termination evaluation done before you make any decisions. This evaluation includes a pregnancy test, […]

24 July 2014

Considering Adoption?

24 July 2014,

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, no doubt your head is probably spinning right now. Your friends and family may be quick to […]

16 July 2014

A Hook-Up Usually Leads to Regret

16 July 2014,

There is definitely a difference between how guys and girls view hook-ups.* A study done at Princeton University found that before the hook-up girls […]

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