14 May 2015

Is Parenting the Best Option for Me?

14 May 2015,

Women who come to Your First Look are frequently trying to decide between continuing or ending a pregnancy. If a decision is made to […]

2 May 2015

How Much is the Abortion Pill?

2 May 2015,

Mifepristone, also known as RU-486, is the medicine used to cause an abortion in an early pregnancy. The Food and Drug Administration has approved […]

21 April 2015

What is an abortion clinic?

21 April 2015,

Many of the women who come to see us seem confused as to exactly what an abortion clinic is and the services it performs. […]

31 December 2014

Confirm Viability Before Your Abortion

31 December 2014,

Kendra* was late and concerned she might be pregnant.  A home test confirmed her worst fears. Sure she wanted an abortion, Kendra scheduled an […]

17 December 2014

Rh Factor & Abortion

17 December 2014,

Do you know your blood type? Many Americans don’t. Yet knowing your blood type, and particularly if you are positive or negative, is important […]

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