14 June 2017

Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Major Concern

14 June 2017,

The Center for Disease Control reports that there are about 800,000 new cases of Gonorrhea in the United States each year. Unfortunately more than half […]

12 June 2017

But I don’t want to do it…

12 June 2017,

Not long ago, a 19-year-old young woman I’ll call Karla came in to Your First Look. She was visibly nervous–talking and wringing her hands […]

6 June 2017

Understanding Different Types of Abortions–Part Two

6 June 2017,

In our last blog we talked about Chemical abortions and Plan B, the morning-after pill. In this blog we will talk about the two […]

1 June 2017

Understanding Different Types of Abortion Part One

1 June 2017,

Medical abortion. Chemical abortion. Plan B. The abortion pill. Confused about the various abortion options? Let’s break it down. In this blog we will […]

18 May 2017

Your First Look Now Offers Mobile Medical Services

18 May 2017,

Since January of this year, Your First Look Women’s Center now has a mobile medical vehicle. Just like our two locations, the mobile offers […]

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