1 June 2017

Understanding Different Types of Abortion Part One

1 June 2017,

Medical abortion. Chemical abortion. Plan B. The abortion pill. Confused about the various abortion options? Let’s break it down. In this blog we will […]

18 May 2017

Your First Look Now Offers Mobile Medical Services

18 May 2017,

Since January of this year, Your First Look Women’s Center now has a mobile medical vehicle. Just like our two locations, the mobile offers […]

19 July 2016

Just What is Informed Consent Anyway?

19 July 2016,

Informed consent is a term you will frequently hear when you go to a doctor’s office. But what exactly is it? Informed consent simply […]

21 July 2015

Making a Decision About Your Pregnancy

21 July 2015,

You just found out your pregnant and you’re scared. No one knows but you and the tiny stick in your hand. Your first impulse […]

31 December 2014

Confirm Viability Before Your Abortion

31 December 2014,

Kendra* was late and concerned she might be pregnant.  A home test confirmed her worst fears. Sure she wanted an abortion, Kendra scheduled an […]