13 December 2017

OTC vs Doctor’s Office Pregnancy Test

13 December 2017,

A pregnancy – whether wanted or unplanned – is a major event in any woman’s life. There are many decisions to make so knowing […]

21 November 2017

How To Tell Your Parents That You’re Pregnant

21 November 2017,

Once you take a pregnancy test and get a positive result, you might feel scared, confused and shocked. If you are in school or […]

8 November 2017

5 Discomforts of Pregnancy

8 November 2017,

The pregnancy experience differs from woman-to-woman: while some women are lucky enough to have an incident-free pregnancy, most women will experience some discomfort at […]

27 July 2017

Getting Insurance When Pregnant

27 July 2017,

Kendra* was 22 and in college when she found out she was pregnant. She was still on her parent’s insurance and wasn’t sure what […]

24 July 2017

Unplanned Pregnancy–Feeling Alone & Depressed

24 July 2017,

“When I first found out I was pregnant, the father (of the baby) wanted me to get an abortion,” recalls Hannah*. “He said it […]

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