19 June 2017

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

19 June 2017,

Wondering if you are pregnant? Besides the most obvious lack of a period, Fox News Lifestyle reports there are nine easy-to-miss signs that you might […]

30 May 2017

Understanding Your Period & Fertility

30 May 2017,

  One of the most frequently asked questions women ask the nurses at Your First Look Women’s Center is, “When did I actually get […]

21 May 2017

How Far Along Am I? Figuring Due Dates

21 May 2017,

Figuring out just how far along you are and when your due date will be can be pretty confusing. Most people say a pregnancy […]

18 May 2017

Your First Look Now Offers Mobile Medical Services

18 May 2017,

Since January of this year, Your First Look Women’s Center now has a mobile medical vehicle. Just like our two locations, the mobile offers […]

21 July 2015

Making a Decision About Your Pregnancy

21 July 2015,

You just found out your pregnant and you’re scared. No one knows but you and the tiny stick in your hand. Your first impulse […]