21 November 2017

How To Tell Your Parents That You’re Pregnant

21 November 2017,

Once you take a pregnancy test and get a positive result, you might feel scared, confused and shocked. If you are in school or […]

19 October 2017

How To Tell Your Partner That Your Pregnant

19 October 2017,

Breaking the news to your partner about your pregnancy can be somewhat difficult. Your partner might not be expecting news of this sort. Alternatively, […]

10 October 2017

Finding Support For Your Pregnancy

10 October 2017,

Some young mothers-to-be feel isolated from their family and friends after they realize they are pregnant, not to mention the possible disconnect between you […]

12 November 2014

Are you being forced to abort?

12 November 2014,

When Cara* came to Your First Look she was very upset and looking for someone who could help her. She had an unplanned pregnancy […]

16 July 2014

A Hook-Up Usually Leads to Regret

16 July 2014,

There is definitely a difference between how guys and girls view hook-ups.* A study done at Princeton University found that before the hook-up girls […]