Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Major Concern

The Center for Disease Control reports that there are about 800,000 new cases of Gonorrhea in the United States each year. Unfortunately more than half of these cases go undetected because there are no symptoms. Left untreated, Gonorrhea can cause severe health issues. For women it can increase your risk for an ectopic pregnancy. It can also increase your risk for infertility. Finally untreated Gonorrhea increases your risk for getting and giving HIV.

At the same time, Gonorrhea is becoming more and more resistant to drug treatment. Currently there is only one treatment option available. It is expected that Gonorrhea will no longer respond to this treatment within the next few years.

The best way to prevent Gonorrhea and other STDs, according to the Center for Disease Control, is to abstain from sex–oral, vaginal and anal–or only have sex with one partner who is STD free. That person should only have sex with you. For more information on STDs, visit the CDC website, www.cdc.gov/std.


Abortion and STDs

If you are considering abortion, you should be tested and treated for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia before you schedule an abortion. Having an abortion with either of these two diseases increases your risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disease. PID can lead to life-long fertility issues.

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