How To Tell Your Partner That Your Pregnant

Breaking the news to your partner about your pregnancy can be somewhat difficult. Your partner might not be expecting news of this sort. Alternatively, it is also possible your partner is eagerly awaiting such an announcement. Let’s take a look at a few ways to tell your lover you are expecting.

Wait Until the Moment is Right

Do not spring this news on your partner out of the blue! Wait until the workday is over or even until the work week is over. Make sure your sweetie is well-rested, alert and in a good mood. Ask him if he can talk. Sit down and tell him you have something important to tell him. Then break the news.

Any Reaction is Possible

Though you know your partner better than just about anyone else, there is no way to truly get inside another person’s head. You might not know how your boyfriend really feels about having a child. Therefore, you should brace yourself for every possible reaction. It is possible your partner will smile, give you a hug and be thrilled with the news. It is also possible he will react with surprise or even panic. So don’t try to predict the future. Be prepared for a wide range of responses so you aren’t completely startled or disappointed.

Consider a Direct Approach

If your partner is fairly even-tempered and the two of you regularly share personal information without hesitating, you should consider telling him the news right away. If you hold this important information to yourself for longer than a day, your partner might be offended. Some partners will even be offended if they are not informed within minutes. If your partner is this type of person, let him know sooner rather than later. However, if he is away at work when you find out you are pregnant and you are concerned calling him to break the news will affect his job performance, wait until he gets home.

An Alternative Approach: Show Rather Than Tell

If you are fairly confident your boyfriend will react positively to the news of your pregnancy, consider adopting a creative approach to telling him. One of the most creative ways is to show your partner you are pregnant rather than telling him. There are all sorts of ways to show you are pregnant. Consider serving your partner a feeding bottle the next time he asks you to grab him a drink or says he’s thirsty. Offer to get him a drink and return with the water, juice or beer in a feeding bottle.

Another creative way to break the news of your pending baby is to decorate a spare room with kids’ curtains, a crib, baby toys and other baby-related items. Once your boyfriend comes home you can either let him stumble upon the newly-decorated room on his own or tell him you have a surprise. As soon as he sees the room’s decorations he will know he has a little bundle of joy on the way.

Handle This Sensitive Subject With Care

Take some time to think over the options described above. Select the approach that is best for you and your partner. Do not rush into breaking the news to your sweetie unless you are absolutely sure he will react in a positive manner. Most women will find the best approach is to request that he sits down to talk and then slowly ease into breaking the news. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you! Stay calm, speak with confidence and be open to any type of reaction.