Ohio Law and Teen Pregnancy

As a women’s center in Ohio, we often get questions on Ohio law related to teen pregnancy.

But, actually, there is no law on the books in Ohio that discusses the rights of a teen minor who is pregnant.

In other areas regarding treatment of minors, there are laws in Ohio. For example, minors in Ohio can request diagnosis and treatment of an STD without parental consent. This is true in all 50 states.

Under Ohio law, parents must receive at least 24 hours’ notice if their teen wants to have an abortion.

According to the Ohio Academy of Pediatrics, if a teen consents to health care, the treating doctor or facility cannot disclose personal information without the teen’s permission.

Under the Health Care Rights of Teens, minors have the right to be treated with respect as well as the right to express their opinions. Minors have the right to privacy as well as informed consent. They also have the right to the highest standard of health care. Teens also have the right to seek health care without their parents’ permission in certain situations.

For these reasons, Your First Look Women’s Center provides free and confidential services to teenage girls, including free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, options counseling, and STD testing.


Your First Look Women’s Center provides free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds to confirm viability, and information on all your options—abortion, adoption, and parenting. We do not provide or refer for abortion services. All services are free and confidential.