The Cost of Abortion

One of the first questions we often get at Your First Look is how much does an abortion cost. In Toledo the cost varies from $400 to $1,150 depending on how far along you are. A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of your initial consultation with the balance due on the day of your appointment. The cost is about $750 for a chemical (non-surgical abortion). Costs for an abortion do not rise until you are into your second trimester which means you generally have time to thoughtfully and carefully consider your options.

We do encourage you to come to Your First Look before you go for your first abortion consultation. Using an ultrasound, we can tell you if your pregnancy is viable (living in the uterus) and how far along you are. Since about 30 percent of early pregnancies naturally miscarry, you’ll want to know that information before you go to the abortion clinic. It doesn’t make sense to pay $750 for an abortion, if the pregnancy isn’t even viable. All of our services at Your First Look are free and completely confidential.

Your First Look Women’s Center provides free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds to confirm viability, and information on all your options—abortion, adoption, and parenting. We do not provide or refer for abortion services. All services are free and confidential.