Unplanned Pregnancy–Feeling Alone & Depressed

“When I first found out I was pregnant, the father (of the baby) wanted me to get an abortion,” recalls Hannah*. “He said it was the only choice I had.”

A senior in college, Hannah didn’t know what to do. She and her boyfriend had broken up a few weeks earlier and she felt pretty isolated. “A small part of me thought he was going to be there for me, but I was wrong,” she says.

“I was so lost and depressed and he didn’t care,” Hannah adds. “He told me no one would ever love me–that I’m not lovable. He even said my own child wouldn’t love me. I became really depressed and suicidal because of him.”

Hannah didn’t tell her parents about the pregnancy. “I didn’t want to let anyone down and I felt that was what would happen if I told my parents.”

Finding Someone to Talk to

Instead, Hannah sought help from the Internet and found Your First Look. She called and made an appointment for a pregnancy test, ultrasound, and options counseling.

Her first reaction when she arrived at Your First Look Women’s Center was how peaceful and comfortable it felt. Meeting with her advocate, she felt she finally had someone with whom she could share her story.

Hannah began coming back to Your First Look on a weekly basis as she struggled with what to do with her pregnancy and her life. “I needed that support–I was so depressed.” Hannah recalls. “They were there to talk and they were there to provide information on all my choices. I never ever felt judged. There were numerous caring people at my side. They coached me through it and saved my life. ”

Choosing Adoption

After carefully weighing all of her options, Hannah chose to make an adoption plan for her daughter. Her Your First Look advocate was at her side when she met with the social worker from the adoption agency.

Hannah was able to view profiles of several different couples before choosing her daughter’s parents. “I knew immediately they were the ones,” she says.

Since her daughter’s birth, Hannah has graduated from college and is now in grad school. She’s happy with the choices she made and says she is thrilled to see how happy and healthy her daughter is with her adoptive family.

Every woman is unique and responds to an unplanned pregnancy differently. We are here to help you weigh your options and figure out what is best for you with free, nonjudgmental support. Call us at 419.720.3338 or text 567.455.1101.

* Name Changed to Protect Privacy.