Dad’s Role In Your Pregnancy

Dad's Role In Your Pregnancy

It is hard to find something more profoundly satisfying as bringing a new life into this world. Women certainly understand this as they are intimately involved in the process. Men, however, are often left out through no fault of their own.

Even the most considerate men do not really understand what a pregnant woman wants or needs. Here are just a few simple things though that you, as a partner, can do to help with the process:

  • First, just be there – First, understand that there are a lot of changes occurring in your partner – both physically and mentally. You can participate by being an active observer, taking the time to inquire about baby’s movements and feel it kick within the belly is a great way to show your appreciation for your partner’s efforts. In addition, you can play music for the baby, read to it and, best of all, keep a journal of the week-by-week development of the baby.
  • Next, pay attention – The next step is to simply accompany your partner to as many prenatal care visits as possible. In addition, do not just passively stand around but also ask questions that show that you want to be involved in the process. As a matter of fact, the actual questions do not really matter. What is most important is simply the fact that you want to know about your baby and the birthing process.
  • Also, eat healthier – Women make a huge commitment to staying healthy during their pregnancy. They abstain from alcohol, stop smoking and refrain from a whole host of other “fun’ activities. Partners should endeavor to follow these behaviors as well as to partake in a healthier diet. In particular, a good partner will fix meals that are high in the “Big 5” nutrients – that is, iron, calcium, zinc, folate, and fiber.
  • Then, exercise together – Come on, your partner is pregnant. How hard can it be to keep up with her during an exercise regimen? Not too much, really. In fact, this activity is more a mental one than a physical one as you will usually just be taking a stroll and having a quiet conversation.
  • Finally, make her feel sexy – This advice is meant both figuratively and literally. While pregnant women are often told that they evince a certain “glow,” they may not feel that their partner is still attracted to them sexually. Back pain, morning sickness, hormone changes,and an understandable preoccupation with the baby will mean that your sex life will probably be diminished. However, you should still try as your pregnant spouse will certainly appreciate the thought.

A pregnancy is a decidedly trying time for a woman both physically and mentally. There are a whole range of emotions that go through their minds. A solid support system from their spouse is the best way to help them through the ordeal. For further information on enhancing the role as a partner during your loved one’s pregnancy, please contact us at Your First Look. We can found online at or reached directly at 419.720.3338.