How To Tell Your Parents That You’re Pregnant

Once you take a pregnancy test and get a positive result, you might feel scared, confused and shocked. If you are in school or still depend on your parents, you may need to share the news with them early.

The first step you need to take is to visit a doctor for a confirmation. While many over-the-counter test kits offer accurate results, a doctor will dispel any doubts, give you timelines on your pregnancy and even present you with different options to help you take the next step. Most doctors will also connect you with counseling services to help you process the news and come up with an action plan, including advice on how to speak to your parents about the pregnancy.

Pick an Appropriate Time

Speak to your parents when they have enough time to listen to you and process the news. Depending on your family dynamic, you can speak to your mother first and she can help you break the news to your father. Choose a time when your parents are settled and in a good mood to break the news; if you choose to break the news when they are in a hurry or angry, you will agitate them more and they may not respond kindly to the news.

If your parents live separately, ask to see them both and try to talk to them together.

Stay Calm

Sharing the news of your pregnancy with your parents can seem daunting; it is an emotional process and you need to manage it well. The process is especially scary if your parents have strong beliefs against pre-marital sex or assume that you are not sexually active. Start by breaking the news and admitting that you need help, tell them how far along you are and inform them if you have shared the news with anyone else. At this point, avoid any painful details or difficult information; it will come out eventually; instead, focus on building trust with your parents.

Avoid trying to plead with your parents not to get angry; they are humans just like you and are entitled to an emotional reaction. Let the moment play out naturally and answer any questions they may have as honestly as possible.

Walk in their Shoes

Your parent’s reaction will depend on different factors; they might see you as a young girl who is not ready for marriage or feels embarrassed at how their friends may see them or even feel like they are too young to become grandparents. In most situations, their emotions will go to the extreme. However, once they have time to digest their feelings and think over the situation, they will calm down and you can start having a conversation on the next steps for the pregnancy.

They will come around to offer you support. Understanding your parents’ temperaments goes a long way in helping you choose the best approach when breaking the news. If you are worried about their reaction, break the news with your boyfriend or with a relative you trust at your side

Ultimately, breaking the news to your parents will make you feel better; it might even help bring you and your parents closer. Their support will make your pregnancy easier. If you are afraid of speaking to your parents, contact Your First Look for advice and support on the best approach to use.